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Beatbox House
OriginNew York City, New York
Years active2011 (2011)–present
MembersNeil "NaPoM" Meadows
Amit Bhowmick
Gene Shinozaki
Chris Celiz
Kenny Urban
Past membersKaila Mullady

Beatbox House[1] is an American beatbox collective based in New York City consisting of six beatboxers.[2]


The beatbox house[3] began as a residence home in Brooklyn, New York for beatboxer Chris Celiz and Izzy Freedman who one day had an idea to create a place for beatboxers to connect and socialize. Beatboxers Mark Martin and Johnny Buffalo lived in the house and organized jam sessions and performances for beatboxers.Artists from worldwide locations would lodge in the house when traveling for shows. Eventually, Beatboxers Neil Medows of Pennsylvania, Kenny Urban of Connecticut, Amit Bhowmick and Kaila Mullady of New York City, and Gene Shinozaki of Boston,Met up along with Chris at the American Human Beatbox festival, joined the residency and decided to form an official group. They often do their performances Busking in the subways and streets of New York City.[4]


Neil "NaPoM" Meadows[edit]

Neil "Napom" Meadows is an award winning beatboxer,[5] whose titles include: 2017 Grand Beatbox Champion, 2015 Vice World Champion, 2014 and 2015 American Beatbox Champion, 2014 Midwest Champion & 2x Unity Champion. His beatbox style involves his signature percussive sounds and extensive lip roll techniques. He started beatboxing after high school, won the 2014 American beatbox championships at age 18 and was given the opportunity to compete at the world championships which helped him earn his title as the 2015 Vice World Beatbox Champion. He is also known for his work with fellow Beatbox House member Kenny Urban as "K-POM". In 2018, he released a beatbox album "Lips" with Swissbeatbox.

Amit Bhowmick[edit]

Amit Bhowmick is a hip hop artist who started beatboxing at the age of 14. His beatbox sound involves his extensive usage of technical beats and deep bass sounds. His title credits include 2012 Midwest Champion and 2014 East Coast Champion.

Gene Shinozaki[edit]

Gene Shinozaki is a beatbox musician from Boston, MA.[6] He began his music career attending Berklee College, studying drumming as a major, before dropping out to pursue a career in beatboxing. His beatbox style involves his imitation of guitar power chords using lip oscillation techniques, his melodic sounds, and clicks. He often incorporates singer songwriter elements into his performances. He cites Bobby Mcferrin as a primary influence on his sound.

Chris Celiz[edit]

Chris Celiz, the founding member of Beatbox House, is a beatboxer, musician and teacher.[7] He is the 2015 American 2v2 Champion. He is most known for his signature percussive grooves and harmonic sounds. He has done work for artists such as Harry Belafonte, Bryonn Bain, and Dana Leong. He has been ranked as one of the top North American beatboxers.

Kaila Mullady[edit]

Kaila Mullady is an American musician, Beatboxer, Actress and multi-instrumentalist.[8] She is one of the pioneering figures in the Art of beatrhyming. Her title credits include 2018 and 2015 Female World Beatbox Champion, 3-time American Loop Station Champion, 2014 American Vice Champion and 3-time American Beatrhyme Champion. Her beatbox style involves extensive beatrhyming, polyrhythms, and the mouth trumpet technique. She is well known for her one woman band performances, where she combines, singing, rapping, beatboxing, guitar and live looping to create full songs and compositions. She is an avid instructor[9] who teaches beatboxing and beatrhyming.[10] She was trained as a beatrhymer by beatbox legend Kid Lucky.

Kenny Urban[edit]

Kenny Urban is an American beatboxer and singer, whose title credits include 2016 Grand Beatbox Champion, 2015 Vice American Beatbox Champion, 2014 2v2 Champion and 2x Unity Beatbox Champion. His beatbox style involves bass emphasized beats, synth sounds and extensive singing. He is a private beatbox instructor[11] and has also taught workshops in various schools such as Harvard University and The Raymond York Elementary School.


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