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Beatdown expansion symbol
Released October 2000
Size 122 cards, 4 of them with alternate art
Expansion code BTD
Invasion Planeshift

Beatdown is a box set for the card game Magic: The Gathering, and the fourth compilation set. It was created for special reprint purposes only and was not legal in Standard at the time of its release. Beatdown was released as a pair of preconstructed decks combined with accessories, unlike the normal distribution of Magic cards in randomized packs. At the time of release it sold for around $30.00 MSRP. Alternate art was done for four cards: Sengir Vampire, Erhnam Djinn, Ball Lightning, and Clockwork Beast. The set is white-bordered, and the expansion symbol is a mace. There are no White cards in the set.


The set includes 122 special edition Magic cards divided into two theme decks, Aerodoom and Ground Pounder. The focus of the two decks in the Beatdown box set is to overwhelm your opponent with decks that included some of the more powerful creatures in the game, to that date, such as the aforementioned Erhnam Djinn, Sengir Vampire, Ball Lightning and Clockwork Beast. The Beatdown set was released in October 2000.


  • Clockwork Avian was printed without flying.

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