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Beaten coffee is an Indian home-style coffee beverage made mostly with instant coffee and sugar. [1] It is known as 'beaten' as the process involves beating the coffee and sugar together with a spoon to aerate into a light brown fluffy paste-like substance.[2] It is generally served with warm milk, which creates a thick froth on the top. Another popular way of serving it is by pouring the paste on top of a cup of warm or cold milk.

Other names[edit]

It is sometimes referred to as soft coffee, hand-beaten Indian Cappuccino,[1] Indian Coffee,[2] Pakistani Coffee,[2] Desi Coffee,[2] Phenti Hui Coffee,[3] Fitti Hui Coffee ("Phenti hui" or "Fitti Hui" means beaten or Whipped in Hindi),[3] or Whipped Coffee.[2][3][4]

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