Beatin' the Odds (Molly Hatchet album)

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Beatin' the Odds
Molly Hatchet - Beatin' the Odds.jpg
Cover art by Frank Frazetta
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 1980
StudioBee Jay Recording Studios, Orlando, Florida
Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, California
GenreSouthern rock, hard rock
ProducerTom Werman, Pat Armstrong
Molly Hatchet chronology
Flirtin' with Disaster
Beatin' the Odds
Take No Prisoners
Singles from Beatin' the Odds
  1. "Beatin' the Odds" / "Few and Far Between"
    Released: 1980
  2. "The Rambler" / "Get Her back"
    Released: 1980
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2/5 stars[1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal7/10[2]

Beatin' the Odds is the third studio album by American southern rock band Molly Hatchet, released in 1980. This is the first album with new vocalist Jimmy Farrar, who replaced Danny Joe Brown.[3] A remastered edition of the album was issued in 2008 by Rock Candy Records, with four live bonus tracks and extensive liner notes. The remastering was directed by famous British producer Jon Astley. The album was also reissued under the SPV/Steamhammer label in 2013 and only included the original tracks.

The cover art for the album was "Conan the Conqueror" by Frank Frazetta.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "Beatin' the Odds" (Banner Thomas, Dave Hlubek, Duane Roland) – 3:18
  2. "Double Talker" (Hlubek, Roland) – 3:15
  3. "The Rambler" (Hlubek, Jimmy Farrar) – 4:50
  4. "Sailor" (Thomas) – 3:50
Side two
  1. "Dead and Gone" (Thomas, Farrar) – 4:22
  2. "Few and Far Between" (Bruce Crump, Steve Holland) – 3:40
  3. "Penthouse Pauper" (John Fogerty) – 3:18 (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
  4. "Get Her Back" (Roland) – 3:03
  5. "Poison Pen" (Hlubek, Holland) – 3:06

2008 re-issue live bonus tracks[edit]

Recorded live at The Lakeland Civic Centre, Lakeland, Florida, on 31 December 1980

  1. "Beatin' the Odds" - 3:38
  2. "Few and Far Between" - 3:41
  3. "Penthouse Pauper" - 4:07
  4. "Dead and Gone" - 4:34


Molly Hatchet
Additional musicians



Country Organization Year Sales
USA RIAA 1995 Platinum (+ 1,000,000)[6]


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