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For the movie, see Beetlejuice. For the star, see Betelgeuse.
Background information
Also known as Beatlejuice and Friends
Years active 1994–present
Associated acts Boston
The Fools
Juice in the Machine
Velvet Elvis
Members Steve Baker
Joe Holaday
Dave Mitchell
John "Muzz" Muzzy
Past members Brad Delp (Deceased)
Peter DiStefano
Bob Squires

Beatlejuice is a New England-based Beatles cover band that featured Brad Delp, former front-man of the band Boston on vocals. Beatlejuice has the distinction of faithfully reproducing Beatles music note-for-note, from early Beatles to late Beatles, without costumes or stage gimmicks.


Beatlejuice began in 1994 when John Muzzy and Brad Delp saw Bob Squires' Beatles cover band Merseyside play in Newburyport, Massachusetts and they decided to start their own band. Beatlejuice played regularly at venues throughout New England until lead singer Brad Delp died on March 9, 2007 at his home in Atkinson, New Hampshire at the age of 55.

Beatlejuice is currently[when?] performing under the name Beatlejuice and Friends. It began as a series of shows at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA as a memorial concert to Brad Delp. Beatlejuice and Friends now plays regularly. Some performers include Jimmy Rogers of Velvet Elvis, and Mike Girard of The Fools. Dave Mitchell, the guitarist in the band, works as a guitar teacher in Nashua, New Hampshire. Beatlejuice is occasionally joined onstage by Joe Holaday's sons: Jared, who plays saxophone, and P.J., who plays drums.


Current band members

  • John "Muzz" Muzzy (drums)
  • Steve Baker (keyboard, guitar)
  • Joe Holaday (bass)
  • Dave Mitchell (guitar)
  • Jimmy Rogers (Vocals)
  • Buddy Bernard (Vocals)
  • Mike Girard (Vocals)
  • Bob Jennings (Vocals)
  • Evan Gianoulis (Percussion)
  • Rich Bartlett (Acoustic Guitar)

Past band members

Related Bands[edit]

  • Velvet Elvis: Elvis Presley & 50's tribute band with Steve Baker and Joe Holaday, Jimmy Rogers, Rich Bartlett, Dave Mitchell and Jeff Maté.
  • The Fools: Mike Girard, Rich Bartlett, Lou Spagnola, Joe Holaday, Leo Black, Stacey Pedrick and others, including John "Muzz" Muzzy for a time.
  • Boston
  • Farrenheit: Charlie Farren, David Hull, and John "Muzz" Muzzy.
  • Juice in the Machine: When Boston toured in summer 2003, most of Beatlejuice played in this Police tribute band, with Jimmy Rogers as lead singer.


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