Beatmania IIDX 12: Happy Sky

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Beatmania IIDX 12 Happy Sky
Beatmania IIDX 12 Happy Sky cover.jpg
Titlescreen of the CS version
Developer(s)Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Seriesbeatmania IIDX & Bemani
Platform(s)Arcade & Sony PlayStation 2
  • JP: July 13, 2005
PlayStation 2
  • JP: December 14, 2006
Mode(s)Single-player & Multiplayer
Arcade systemKonami Bemani PC Type 1
CPUPentium 4 @ 2.4GHz
SoundRealtek AC'97
Display36" CRT, (Raster)
640x480 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio

Beatmania IIDX 12: Happy Sky (stylized as beatmania IIDX12: HAPPY SKY) is the 12th game in the beatmania IIDX series of music video games. It was released in arcades by Konami on July 13, 2005. The game features over 45 new songs, some of which are unlocked over Konami's e-Amusement platform. Happy Sky introduced several small but significant changes to the series, such as a new difficulty scale, and a new boss song.


Core gameplay remained the same on Happy Sky. Songs are now ranked on a 12-point rating scale, with the difficulties being renamed in the process as well. "LIGHT7/14" is now Normal and "7/14KEYS" is now Hyper. All songs have been readjusted to fit the new ranking scales. A new folder called "HARD CLEAR" has also been added to the song selection screen for songs cleared using the Hard mode modifier, it is considered to be of higher value than a Full Combo.

Two new modifiers have been added, Hidden+ and Sudden+, which allows the user to adjust a lane cover to cover up a specific portion of the screen. This had been popularly done with towels beforehand, acknowledged by Konami in the PS2 version of Gold, which offers a picture of a towel as one of the lane cover options.


Happy Sky was the last version of IIDX to support the old styled e-Amusement cards, as Distorted would switch to the new "e-Amusement Pass" system. A cell phone application called "IIDX WAVE" could customize the interface of Happy Sky, with different menu music options, different frames for the gameplay interface, and being able to create custom courses.

Extra Stage[edit]

If the player gets AA's on all stages (with all 3 stages being played on Hard Mode and on Another difficulty, and the final stage being a 10), the player is awarded a chance to play the extra stage, where Scream Squad by Calf is offered. If a AAA is scored and the stage is played on Hard Mode, the player gets to play One More Extra Stage, (Mei) by Amuro vs Killer, a song rated 12 on Another.


Genre Song Artist Tier
Synthetic Progressive Rock "100% minimoo-G" Sōta Fujimori
Gothic Metal "Agnus Dei" あさき from GuitarFreaks 10th Mix and Drummania 9th Mix
Trance Core "Aurora" Ryu☆
Natural Sound "alla turca con passione" Twin AmadeuS
Nostalish Requiem "CaptivAte~浄化~" A/I
K-Groove "キャッシュレスは愛情消すティッシュ " (Cashless wa Aijoukesu Tissue) GINGER appeared on BEMANI EXPO (ASIA)
Acid Jazz "Catch Me" DJ Yoshitaka feat. ERi
J-Pop Remix "Don't let it go" ウッチーズ
BATTLE2005 "double thrash" 414 appeared on BEMANI EXPO (BATTLE)
Hyper J-Pop Six "EDEN" TËЯRA
Techno Rave "First Resolution" good-cool
Cyber Jazz "FUNKTION" ULTRAdoof
Swing Waltz "garden" 青野りえ
J-Eurobeat "月光" (Gekkou) Tatsh feat. 星野奏子
Rave "Get'em up to R.A.V.E" Disconation
Happy Hardcore "HAPPY☆ANGEL" jun with TAHIRIH
J-Happy Hardcore "ヒマワリ" (Himawari) 小坂りゆ from GuitarFreaks 10th Mix and Drummania 9th Mix
Cyber J-Rock "I am" 有沢みはる from BeForU
Click House "in motion" Ryu☆
Trance "INAZUMA" dj TAKA
Happy Extreme "LESSON 5" Risk Junk feat. Erika Mochizuki
Click House "Listen up" Mitsuto Suzuki
Punk Opera "Little Little Princess" SHRINE 418 appeared on BEMANI EXPO (RPG)
Drum'N'Bass "Love Magic" D.J.SWAN
UK Progressive "mind the gap" Osamu Kubota
Drum'N'Bass "PATRIOTISM" kobo
Heart "Pink Rose" Kiyommy+Seiya from Keyboardmania 3rd Mix
Synthesized Techno "PLASMA" Sōta Fujimori
Hard Dance "Pollinosis" dj REMO-CON
Eurobeat "POODLE" Y&Co.
Digi-Rock "rage against usual" dj TAKA feat. Gt. Shintaro
Techno "Scripted Connection⇒" * DJ MURASAME
Makina "SigSig" kors k
Techno "Tant pis pour toi" AKIRA YAMAOKA
MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) "Tizona d'El Cid" TOMOSUKE
Country Techno "TOE JAM" BIG IDEA from Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2
Happy Euro Paradise "Twelfth Style" Tatsh&DAYBREAKERS NEXT
J-Eurotrance "Under the sky" 南さやか (BeForU) with platoniX
Electroshock "vault of heaven" Mr. T
Anthem Trance "Votum stellarum" iconoclasm from Pop'n Music 10
Disco "We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命" (We are Disco Girls of the Four-Beat Life) DANCE☆MAN feat.Disっ娘
Medieval Choir "Xepher" Tatsh
Funk "俺はビートマニア!お前は何マニア?" (I am Beatmania, You are Whatmania?) DANCE☆MAN
Hard Dance "合体せよ!ストロングイェーガー!! (Ryu☆ remix)" (The Strong Jaeger (Ryu☆ remix)) L.E.D. remixed by Ryu☆
Reggae "ラクエン" (Rakuen) Chonan Chiharu
Breakcore "SCREAM SQUAD" CALF Extra (ES)
Human Sequencer "冥" (Mei) Amuro vs Killer Extra (OMES)
Regular Song Unlock Extra Stage

Noted songs[edit]

Mei, the OMES of Happy Sky, is known for its Another chart, which is rated 12 on Another and contains exactly 2000 notes. It is considered one of the hardest songs in IIDX history. Xepher gained more exposure outside of IIDX when it was one of several new IIDX crossovers featured on Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA, and later as part of a set of Bemani crossover unlocks on Toy's March 2 (which also included Mei). Scripted Connection sounds slightly different on each difficulty level, thus having 3 different "versions". DJ Murasame stated in a "bio" page for the song on Konami's Happy Sky microsite, that the 3 different versions could be played together one after the other at once, and suggested a situation where all 3 versions could be played sequentially using 3 IIDX cabinets next to each other.[1] The console version of Happy Sky would later include all 3 variations playable separately, and a long mix of all 3.

Home version[edit]

A home version of Happy Sky was released in Japan for the PlayStation 2 on December 14, 2006. The game includes 9 new songs, plus an unlockable "long mix" of Scripted Connection. The home version also features unlockable customization features and artwork

CS exclusive songs[edit]

Genre Song Artist Tier
Nu Style Gabba "BLUE MIRAGE" DJ CHUCKY Also Featured on AC PENDUAL
Drum & Bass "DAWN -THE NEXT ENDEAVOUR-" L.E.D. fw. 堀澤麻衣子 Also featured on AC SIRIUS as Extra Stage in HAPPY SKY Parallel Rotation folder
Japanese Reggae "Endless Summer Story" DJ Yoshitaka feat. 星野奏子
Club Jazz "IceCube Pf.(RX-Ver.S.P.L.)" 高田雅史
Happy Hardcore "in the Sky" Ryu☆
Nu School Breaks "Just a Little Smile" Sōta Fujimori
Pops "Recollection" Noria (with dj TAKA) Also featured on AC SPADA
Bossa Electronica "Reflection into the EDEN" 猫又Master Also Featured on AC Tricoro
Techno "Scripted Connection⇒ N mix" c DJ MURASAME
Techno "Scripted Connection⇒ H mix" c DJ MURASAME
Techno "Scripted Connection⇒ A mix" c DJ MURASAME
Techno "Scripted Connection⇒ long mix" a DJ MURASAME
Trance "風の谷のDREAM" (Kaze no Tani no DREAM) PINK PONG
World/Electronica "サヨナラ*ヘヴン" (Sayonara Heaven) 猫又Master From Pop'n Music 11 (CS). Also featured on AC SIRIUS as Extra Stage in HAPPY SKY Parallel Rotation folder

aScripted Connection Long Mix can only be played by launching the "7-kyu" course in Class mode in a specific manner.
bLOVELY STORM replaces LOVE IS DREAMINESS if played on the Another difficulty. The song gains a full set of charts on DJ Troopers.
cOn the arcade version of Happy Sky, each "version" of Scripted Connection can be unlocked separately.


The original soundtrack for Happy Sky was released on October 19, 2005. The soundtrack spans 2 discs, and includes the console exclusive songs from 9th Style, plus 6 long versions.

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