Beatmania IIDX 20: Tricoro

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Beatmania IIDX 20: Tricoro
Developer(s) Konami Corporation
Publisher(s) Konami Corporation
Series Beatmania IIDX, Bemani
Platform(s) Arcade
Release September 19, 2012 (Dedicated cabinet)
September 25, 2012 (Upgrade kits)
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single-player & Multiplayer
Cabinet Custom
Arcade system Konami Bemani PC Type 4
CPU Athlon 64 X2 @ 2.3GHz
Sound Realtek HD Audio
Display 37" LCD, (Raster)
1280x720 resolution

beatmaniaIIDX 20 tricoro is a music video game and the 20th installment of the Beatmania IIDX series of video games. It was first announced on April 14, 2012.[1] Location tests began in Akihabara and Osaka on April 18 and 20, 2012 respectively. Both ended on April 24, 2012.[1] It was released on September 19, 2012 for new cabinets and September 25, 2012 for upgrade kits of old machines.


For more information about the gameplay of Beatmania IIDX in general, please refer to Beatmania IIDX#Gameplay.

Beatmania IIDX 20: Tricoro retains the basic gameplay since the start of the series, in which players hit notes that fall from top of the screen using either keys or turntables that need to be scratched, which will fill up the Groove Meter. To pass on, the player must have at least 80% of the Groove Meter at the end of the stage. Both the two new "innovations" introduced in Beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius (Charge Notes and Backspin Scratches) are retained.

The game introduced various new features and overhauled the old ones. Modifier screen have been revamped, now consisting of four categories; STYLE, GAUGE, ASSIST, and RANGE.[2] New options have also been introduced such as ghost type selection. HI-SPEED option is also revamped, now separated from the modifier screen and can only be accessed during gameplay by holding the START button. It can be set from 0.5 to 10.0 in 0.01 increments (or 0.25 increments with SUDDEN+ option enabled).[3] With this being the first Beatmania IIDX game in high-definition, the interface during gameplay have been overhauled, with the players now able to change the position of the music video and score graph. Due to this however, some songs have their videos removed due to the change in interface. Expert Mode, the course-based gameplay in previous games have also been removed.

Also, Tricoro marks the first time IIDX have multiple original unlocking systems (not counting events involving other BEMANI games). The multiple unlocking systems is also used by other recent Bemani games, such as jubeat saucer and REFLEC BEAT colette.

Unlocking System[edit]

Extra Stages[edit]

In this game, players can still access the normal Extra Stage with the same requirements from previous games; however, new boss songs added in the stage are organized in a new system called the "Limit Burst". In addition to fulfilling the normal Extra Stages, the player must play a specific set of songs to obtain new boss songs. These boss songs consist of an original song of beatmaniaIIDX, as well as songs taken from other Bemani series which are added periodically. With this change, One More Extra Stage is no longer available. The songs are:

  • Sol Cosine Job 2 (play One More Extra Stage songs from previous games, not counting Plan 8)
  • New Decade IIDX Edition (play songs from Dance Dance Revolution series)
  • neu (play songs from pop'n music series)
  • Hollywood Galaxy (play songs from REFLEC BEAT series)
  • JOMANDA (play songs from jubeat series, not counting Café de Tran Songs)
  • DAY DREAM (play songs from GuitarFreaks/Drummania series)
  • Timepiece phase II (play songs composed by Hirofumi Sasaki, a special CN Ver. (Charge Note version) can be unlocked by fulfilling an additional requirement in addition to the normal one)

Initially, the player can only access the ANOTHER chart of the song; the NORMAL and HYPER charts are added through the period of four weeks as the next Limit Burst song is added.

Starting from February 18, 2013, the player can buy the song's charts with Dellar Points for use in normal gameplay through Devil Cards (purchasable by playing the songs during Limit Burst) or Angel Cards (available normally). Those song's charts are added periodically every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with one difficulty chart for unlocking before a new song is added on the shop on the following week.

Legend Cross[edit]

The first special event of Tricoro, LEGEND CROSS was started on October 10, 2012 and ended on December 5, 2012. Through this event, the player can unlock two songs from console versions and access a special Extra Stage system. The system is similar to the previous games' special Extra Stages, in which through fulfilling requirements, the player can access a special folder containing boss songs. These songs generally are mash-up of songs from previous two different games in the series. Those songs are: SYNC-ANTHEM, EΛΠIΣ, rumrum triplets, S!ck, and CONCEPTUAL. Each song holds an "Astran Lights". To obtain an Astran Light, the player must play each songs twice for a total of ten plays (the second "version" of the songs are generally a randomized version of the notecharts).

After obtaining all Astran Lights, the player can access the "UNKNOWN" Extra Stage, Thor's Hammer. Getting an EX Hard Clear on the song will unlock the One More Extra Stage, Plan 8.

Similar to Limit Burst, the player can only access the song's ANOTHER chart initially; the NORMAL and HYPER charts are added through the period of four weeks. After the event ends, the player can also buy the song's charts with Dellar Points with either Devil Cards (purchasable by playing the songs in the event) or Angel Cards (Boss Songs are available normally while Time to Empress and mnemoniq's Angel Cards are available after August 14, 2013). And as of December 19, 2013, all LEGEND CROSS event songs were unlocked in IIDX SPADA for regular play.

Ω Attack[edit]

The second special event of Tricoro, Ω ATTACK was started on December 12, 2012 and ended on March 20, 2013. This event is significantly different than LEGEND CROSS, with a more puzzle-style mini game than Extra Stage system. The player must clear viruses with weapons purchased by CP, which are rewarded every time the player plays a credit of the game. New song's charts are hidden through the viruses, as does weapons and code levels awarding more CP per play. The songs obtained are automatically added in normal gameplay, unlike in LEGEND CROSS.

There are two sectors in the event; the "A" sector is available by default and contains four songs, while the "B" sector is available by clearing the portal tile in sector A and contains five songs. After June 20, 2013, the songs which were not unlocked after this event can be purchased in the shop using Angel Cards (Reflection Into the EDEN and たまゆら's Angel Cards are made available after August 14, 2013).

Café de Tran[edit]

The unlocking event along with Jubeat Saucer was started on February 27, 2013 and ended on March 3, 2014. For this unlocking event, player are to gather sweet ingredients for every credit of gameplay depending on what time the player played. Depending on the quality of ingredients in which affects the sastification rate boost, players are required to get the sastification rate of 100% to unlock songs in this order (all are from Jubeat Saucer): Rainbow after snow, Beastie Starter, アストライアの双皿, †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†(IIDX EDIT), Holy Snow and True Blue. Successfully unlocking all songs in both machines will automatically unlock the final song, Confiserie.

Bokura no Uchū Sensō[edit]

The third special event of Tricoro, Bokura no Uchū Sensō (ぼくらの宇宙戦争) was started on March 21, 2013 and ended on August 14, 2013. The event is an RPG-styled mini-game where all players in the same arcade are united into one "shop" and must work together to defeat bosses. Players can attack the bosses after each play of the game. All of the bosses (except the last boss) have HP and stats (such as defense) that depends on the number of players in one shop. In the case of the last boss, all shops are united to one; thus the HP is the combination of all shop's HP and must be drained together. As the bosses's HP is reduced, charts for new songs are unlocked sequentially (the HP is divided into three bars; NORMAL, HYPER, and ANOTHER). There is also an individual "Heroic Gauge" which can also unlock songs. The gauge is filled with each attacks dealt by players and is also divided into three bars, though it is much shorter than the bosses's HP.

There are seven bosses that can be fought and two Heroic Gauge that can be filled. The final unlock would be made available providing the player had fulfilled the unlocking criteria.

After the event ended, players who did not unlock the songs during this event can be purchased in the shop using Angel Cards for Regular Play.

Private Bemani Academy[edit]

The unlocking event along with all Bemani Machines and Quiz Magic Academy, was started on April 24, 2013, and ended on December 19, 2013. For this unlocking event, player are to play songs made by the given authors to earn a percentage of the friendship rate (depending on which arcade the player played). To unlock each song, the player must attain a 100% friendship rate between the 2 authors to unlock the songs playable by all arcades. The last song, Elemental Creation (along with the song's GITADO ROCK ver in GITADORA), would be available for unlocking once the first 9 songs are unlocked. GAIA by Nekomata Master & L.E.D gives the highest friendship when playing this game.

After the event ended, players are required to play the songs the number of times to unlock the songs that haven't been unlocked during the event. Different Criteria are also available for different Bemani Machines as well.

Kupuro Mimi-Nyami Pastel-kun no Minnade Uchū Sensō[edit]

The Bemani Unlocking event along with Reflec Beat Colette and Pop'n Music Sunny Park was started on July 29, 2013 and ends on May 14, 2014. The gameplay system for this event was similar to Bokura no Uchū Sensō except that the representing mascots of each arcade game is then collaborated and is songs is unlocked individually instead. To unlock songs made playable from the three games, players must reduce the enemy's HP (though the enemy can also be stunned, depending on which mascots they used) to a certain amount to unlock songs. Each of the enemy's HP has seven parts (one part for the new enemy, if the player has unlocked all the songs in the following chapter), depleting each part of the enemy's HP would unlock songs made available from either Pop'n Music Sunny Park, Reflec Beat Colette, IIDX Tricoro (or IIDX Spada), or all.

There are nine songs from the three games that can be unlocked in the IIDX machine. Prior to January 23, 2014 players could unlock them through the eAMUSEMENT website and not from the game itself.


Currently, there are 95 new songs in this game.[4] A total of 17 songs from previous game have been removed, while the rest returned. Five older songs are also revived, all of them must be unlocked through requirements in-game.[5]

Song Artist Genre Tier
New Regular Songs
405 nm (Ryu☆mix) Another Infinity Hardcore
Ascalon Qrispy Joybox Electro Pop
Breaking Dawn feat. NO+CHIN, AYANO GUHROOVY J-Core
connective 猫叉Master feat.*spiLa* Lounge Pop
Deceive Your Insight Project B- Pieced Rock
Devilz Staircase OSTER project Symphonic Break Beats
Echo Of Forever kors k House
Fly you to the star Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga Handz Up
GRADIUS 2012 Sota Fujimori Konami Remix Remix of the theme song of Gradius
Howling PON Nu Rave
I know You know Suke+Suke feat. Ribbon New 80's
ILIAS Masayoshi Minoshima feat. 坂上なち Hyper Electro
Illegal Function Call U1-ASAMi Orbitalic Core
In Heaven Sota Fujimori Heavenly Trance
Liberation dj TAKA Trance
Light and Cyber・・・ Tatsh Happy Hardcore
Little Star REDALiCE feat. Ayumi Nomiya J-Core
Neonlights DJ Noriken Tech Dance
POINT ZERO 猫叉Master+ Drum'n'Bass
portal 猫叉Master+ Electro
Präludium Yuko Takahashi Classical Piano
Re:GENERATION TAG feat. ERi Emotional Sentence
Shining World DJ Genki feat. Yukacco Electro Pop
Spinning Around Dirty Androids French House
Take My Life Y&Co. Eurobeat
To my star 星野奏子 Starpop
YELLOW FROG from Steel Chronicle 劇団レコード Desert Alternative Edge
(Kagen no Tsuki)
iNO Neo Classical Dance
(Kuruizake Homura no Hana)
覚醒ノPrim Hi-Goth
(Meimetsu, Fragments)
中山真斗(Elements Garden) feat. 桜川めぐ Cyber Symphonic Pop
Revival Unlocks
STAR DREAM PINK PONG Trance from beatmaniaIIDX 8th Style
Ready To Rockit Blues SLAKE Nu Jazz from beatmaniaIIDX 10th Style
More Move T-Hirono feat.PAULINHO Club Bossa from beatmaniaIIDX 11 IIDXRED
Leaving... SEIYA MURAI meets "eimy" Symphonic Euro from beatmaniaIIDX 13 DistorteD
GRID KNIGHT SAW WAVE SQUAD Electronica from beatmaniaIIDX 14 GOLD
Limit Burst
Sol Cosine Job 2 DJ TECHNORCH Freeform Hardcore Limit Burst - beatmaniaIIDX
New Decade IIDX Edition Sota F. Speed Dance Core Limit Burst - Dance Dance Revolution X2
Rearranged version from Sota Fujimori's album "SYNTHESIZED 3
neu 少年ラジオ Niente Limit Burst - pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE
Hollywood Galaxy dj TAKA Drum'n'Bass Limit Burst - REFLEC BEAT
JOMANDA DJ YOSHITAKA Hard Renaissance Limit Burst - jubeat copious
DAY DREAM Mutsuhiko Izumi Dark Progressive Limit Burst - GuitarFreaks 4thMix and Drummania 3rdMix
Timepiece phase II 佐々木博史 Progressive Rock Limit Burst - GuitarFreaks 10thMix and Drummania 9thMix
Timepiece phase II (CN Ver.) 佐々木博史 Progressive Rock Limit Burst - GuitarFreaks 10thMix and Drummania 9thMix (Alternative)
From Console Version
Time to Empress dj TAKA feat. wac & secret K Trance From beatmaniaIIDX 16 EMPRESS+PREMIUM BEST (JP PS2)
mnemoniq youhei shimizu Jazz House from beatmaniaIIDX 14 GOLD (JP PS2)
first appeared in Beatmania III
SYNC-ANTHEM Tatsh feat. 星野奏子 Latin Euro Legend Cross IIDX RED x Resort Anthem (Boss 1/6)
dj TAKA Romantic School Variations Legend Cross 2nd style x 10th style (Boss 2/7)
rumrum triplets yu_tokiwa.djw Loungecore Legend Cross 6th style x 8th style (Boss 3/8)
S!ck Eagle Drumstep Legend Cross DistorteD x DJ TROOPERS (Boss 4/9)
CONCEPTUAL Sota Fujimori 2nd Season Hard Revolution Legend Cross GOLD x Lincle (Boss 5/10)
Thor's Hammer ユニバーサル度胸兄弟 Transcendental Etudes Legend Cross UNKNOWN (Boss 11)
Based on Grandes études de Paganini, Étude No. 3 (La campanella)
One More Extra Stage
Plan 8 Ryu☆ Happy Gabba Legend Cross One More Extra Stage (Boss 12)
(Kasōkūkan no Tabibitotachi)
DJ MURASAME Techno Sector A-1 song
8bit Princess seiya-murai feat. ALT Chiptune Sector A-2 song
Reflection Into the EDEN 猫叉Master Bossa Electronica Sector A-3 song
from beatmaniaIIDX 12 HAPPY SKY (JP PS2)
(Torikago no Hōō)
L.E.D. Vs. 幽閉サテライト 歌謡 Drum & Bass
(Kayō Drum & Bass)
Sector A Boss
planarian S-C-U Electric Pop Sector B-5 song
(Ryū to Shōjo to Decoherence)
黒猫ダンジョン Epic Techno Sector B-6 song
Tp-RZ CAPACITY GATE Breakbeats Sector B-7 song
佐々木博史 Progressive Sector B-8 song
first appeared in GuitarFreaks 8thMix and Drummania 7thMix
Proof of the existence 猫叉Master+ Hard Electronica Sector B Boss
Café de Tran
Rainbow after snow 猫叉Master Feat.林ももこ Drum'n Bass from 猫叉Master's album "Crevice"
Beastie Starter GUHROOVY Speedcore from jubeat saucer
(Astraea no Sōbei)
ZODIACSYNDICATE Zodiac Oracle 7 from jubeat saucer
†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† (IIDX EDIT)
(†Nagisa no Kōakuma Lovely~Radio† (IIDX EDIT))
夏色ビキニのPrim Hi-Core Original song on jubeat saucer
Holy Snow Mutsuhiko Izumi Christmas Symphony from jubeat saucer
True Blue dj TAKA feat. AiMEE Essentially from jubeat saucer
Confiserie L.E.D. vs S-C-U Hard Electric Pop jubeat saucer x Beatmania IIDX 20: Tricoro
Private Bemani Academy
(Sōsei Note)
PON+wac Creator pop'n music-aligned
(Lucky Lucky)
Mutsuhiko Izumi & S-C-U Lucky Techno jubeat-aligned
晴天Bon Voyage
(Seiten Bon Voyage)
TOMOSUKE × seiya-murai feat. ALT スウィートロニカ
beatmaniaIIDX / jubeat-aligned
Empathetic Sota÷Des Drum Step pop'n music / Dance Dance Revolution-aligned
Synergy For Angels TAG×U1-ASAMi Orbitalic Revolution Dance Dance Revolution-aligned
GAIA 猫叉L.E.D.Master+ Speed Dance beatmaniaIIDX-aligned
(Nijiiro no Hana)
Akhuta y OJ Light-Visual Pop GuitarFreaks and Drummania-aligned
(Okome no Oishī Taki kata, Soshite Okome wo Taberu Koto ni Yoru Sono Kōka)
大日本鉄倶楽部【あさき&96】 お米タル
GuitarFreaks and Drummania / REFLEC BEAT-aligned
Elemental Creation dj TAKA meets DJ YOSHITAKA Hard Renaissance Extra unlock
Bokura no Uchū Sensō
Heroic Gauge songs
Saturn Mr.Saturn Progressive Trival [note 1] Heroic Gauge#1
from beatmaniaIIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS (JP PS2)
first appeared in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Cookie Bouquets L.E.D. vs TOMOSUKE fw.crimm Break Core Heroic Gauge#2
from beatmaniaIIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS (JP PS2)
Bosses's Rewards
BRAVE GLOW SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi Spacy Trance Boss#1
VEGA REDALiCE Universal J-Core Boss#2
(Casino Fire Kotomi-chan)
ARM feat. 山本椛+Brasscapsule 電波
New Lights kors k Hardcore Boss#4
Fractal Sota Fujimori Cyber Progressive Boss#5
(Sokuseki! Nōchoku★Music System)
MOSAIC.WAV Akiba Pop Boss#6
(Kyato rare❤Koi wa Mo~moku)
ギュ~っとしたい❤Prim Hi-ν Bleep Final Boss
Kupuro Mimi-Nyami Pastel-kun no Minnade Uchū Sensō
SHION DJ YOSHITAKA Hi-Speed Fantasy Tune from pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET
Qrispy Joybox feat. mao 想歌 梅
(Sōka Ume)
from REFLEC BEAT colette
弁士カンタビレオ Silent from pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
examination leave dj razzle dazzle Vacation Dance from REFLEC BEAT colette

HHH×MM×ST Fascination from pop'n music 20 fantasia
(Schrödinger no Neko)
Cait Sith Toy Contemporary from pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
Valanga DJ TOTTO Artcore from REFLEC BEAT colette
Zirkfied iconoclasm Space Requiem beatmaniaIIDX 20 tricoro x pop'n music Sunny Park x REFLEC BEAT colette


  1. ^ As of April 2nd, 2013, the genre was changed to Progressive Tribal.


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