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Beatnik Beatch were a short-lived pop rock band and can be considered the predecessor of the band Jellyfish.

They consisted of Chris Witt Kettner (bass, vocals), Andy Sturmer (drums, vocals), and George Cole (guitar). They also featured Se Padilla on keyboards, later replaced by Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

In 1986 they released At The Zula Pool, under the San Francisco based indie label Industrial Records. It was re-released with 5 tracks removed and 4 tracks added after the band was signed by Atlantic Records in 1988. Around this time Roger Manning joined the band.

After Beatnik Beatch had disbanded at the end of 1989, Sturmer and Manning went on to form Jellyfish.



  • At the Zula Pool - (Industrial) 1986
  • Beatnik Beatch - (Atlantic) 1988


  • "Beatnik Beatch" - 1988

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