Beatnik Records

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Beatnik Records
Founded 1998
Founder Carl Emery
Genre Electronic
Country of origin UK
Location Chorlton, Manchester

Beatnik Records was an independent record label formed by Carl Emery in 1998. Based in Chorlton, Manchester, the label specialized in limited runs of 12" singles aimed at the underground electronic music scene. Among its releases include those by Antidote, Autio and Atomic Clock. Antidote became Kids Indestructible and later recorded for Parisian record label Gooom Disques. Members of Autio and Atomic Clock would later find success as part of The Earlies. As its strapline, the label used the phrase "Music For Abstract Pioneers".


  • BN001 Autio - King/King City of Sound 12"
  • BN002 Antidote - Riot in Studio 54 EP 12"
  • BN003 Atomic Clock - Bullgoose Loony EP 12"