Beatnuts Forever

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Beatnuts Forever
Greatest hits album by The Beatnuts
Released 2001
Genre Hip hop
Label Relativity
The Beatnuts chronology
Take It or Squeeze It
World Famous Classics
Classic Nuts, Vol. 1

Beatnuts Forever is the second of three greatest hits albums by hip hop group The Beatnuts. It was released by Relativity Records in 2001 shortly after the release of Take It or Squeeze It. It contains songs from The Beatnuts' first four albums, as well as its two EP's. It most heavily borrows from Take It or Squeeze It and least heavily from The Beatnuts: Street Level. The album does not feature the song "Beatnuts Forever", and only contains one exclusive Beatnuts track, "Intro". All of its songs are produced by The Beatnuts. Beatnuts Forever did not chart upon release, and is currently out of print and rare. It was only released in vinyl format.[1]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Performers Samples
1 "Intro"
2 "Watch Out Now" Psycho Les, JuJu, Yellaklaw
3 "Get Funky (Remix)" JuJu, Psycho Les & Fashion
4 "Off the Books" Big Pun, Cuban Link, JuJu, Psycho Les
5 "No Equal" JuJu, Psycho Les, Fashion
  • "Ain't No Sunshine" by Willis Jackson
  • "The Confined Few" by Irvin Booker & Booker Little
  • "Ain't No Sunshine" by Harlem Underground Band
6 "Let's Git Doe" Psycho Les, JuJu, Fatman Scoop, Zhana
7 "Reign of the Tec" JuJu, Psycho Les
8 "Se Acabo (Remix)" JuJu, Psycho Les, Method Man
9 "Hit Me with That" JuJu, Fashion, Psycho Les
10 "It's Da Nuts" Psycho Les, JuJu, Al' Tariq, Sunni Fitch
  • "Shaft in Africa" by Johnny Pate
  • "Mixed Drums" by Andy Loore
11 "Give Me Tha Ass" JuJu, Psycho Les
12 "R.U. Ready II" Psycho Les, JuJu, Grand Puba
13 "Superbad" Psycho Les, Fashion, JuJu
14 "Turn It Out" Psycho Les, JuJu, Greg Nice
15 "Psycho Dwarf II" Psycho Les, JuJu, Nogoodus
  • "Hardcore" by EPMD
16 "Slam Pit" Cuban Link, JuJu, Psycho Les, Common
  • "Off the Books" by The Beatnuts
  • "Find That" by The Beatnuts
  • "Live at the Barbeque" by Main Source
17 "Props Over Here (Remix)" Fashion, Psycho Les, JuJu
18 "World's Famous" Psycho Les, V.I.C., JuJu
19 "Who's Comin' Wit Da Shit Na" Psycho Les, JuJu, Willie Stubz, Angie
20 "Find That" Psycho Les, JuJu
21 "No Escapin' This" Psycho Les, JuJu, Greg Nice, Claudette Sierra
  • "A Little Fugue for You and Me" by Enoch Light
  • "Off the Books" by The Beatnuts


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