Beatrice d'Avesnes

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Beatrice d'Avesnes
Armoiries Avesnes.png
Spouse(s) Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg
Noble family House of Avesnes
Father Baldwin of Avesnes
Mother Felicitas of Coucy
Died 25 February 1321(1321-02-25)

Beatrice d'Avesnes (died: 1321) was a daughter of Baldwin of Avesnes and his wife Felicitas of Coucy. Baldwin was the son of Bouchard IV of Avesnes.

She married in 1265 Count Henry VI of Luxembourg and was the mother of:

  • Henry VII (1274–1313), Count of Luxemburg, King of the Romans in 1308 and in 1312 Emperor
  • Walram (d. 1311), Lord of Dourlers, Thirimont en Consorre
  • Felicitas (d. 1336), married in 1298 John Tristan (d. 1309), Count of Leuven
  • Baldwin (1285–1354), Archbishop of Trier (1307–1354)
  • Margaret (d. 1336), a nun in Lille and in Marienthal.
Beatrice d'Avesnes
Died: 1321
Preceded by
Margaret of Bar
Countess of Luxembourg
Succeeded by
Margaret of Brabant