Beatrice d'Avesnes

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Beatrice d'Avesnes
Armoiries Avesnes.png
Died 25 February 1321(1321-02-25)
Noble family Avesnes
Spouse(s) Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg
Father Baldwin of Avesnes
Mother Felicitas of Coucy

Beatrice d'Avesnes (died: 1321) was a daughter of Baldwin of Avesnes and his wife Felicitas of Coucy.[1] Baldwin was the son of Bouchard IV of Avesnes.

She married in 1265 Count Henry VI of Luxembourg[2] and was the mother of:

  • Henry VII (1274–1313), Count of Luxemburg, King of the Romans in 1308 and Emperor in 1312.
  • Walram (d. 1311), Lord of Dourlers, Thirimont en Consorre
  • Felicitas (d. 1336), married in 1298 John Tristan (d. 1309), Count of Leuven
  • Baldwin (1285–1354), Archbishop of Trier (1307–1354)
  • Margaret (d. 1336), a nun in Lille and in Marienthal.


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Beatrice d'Avesnes
Died: 1321
Preceded by
Margaret of Bar
Countess of Luxembourg
Succeeded by
Margaret of Brabant