Saint Beatrice d'Este

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Saint Beatrice d'Este
Veneto, Bartolomeo - Beata Beatrice II d'Este - 1510s.jpg
Beatrice d'Este by Bartolomeo Veneto, 1510 (Snite Museum of Art)
Born 1191
Calaone (nowadays a Baone's hamlet - Padua - Italy)
Died 1226
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 19 January

Saint Beatrix d'Este (died 1226) belonged to the family of the Norman Dukes of Apulia and was herself the daughter of the Marques of Ferrara; she was a niece of Blessed Beatrice d'Este. She was betrothed to Galeazzo Manfredi of Vicenza, but he died of his wounds after a battle, just before the wedding day. His bride refused to return home, but attended by some of her maidens, devoted herself to the service of God, following the Benedictine rule, at the convent of Sant'Antonio in Polesine, at San Lazzaro just outside Ferrara. Her cultus was approved by Clement XIV, and Pius VI allowed her festival to be kept on 19 January.[1]



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