Beatrice of Ornacieux

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Blessed Beatrice of Ornacieux
Beatrice d'Ornacieux.jpg
Painting from Garegnano Charterhouse in Milan, by Daniele Crespi
Born13th Century
Died1306 or 1309
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Beatified1869 by Pope Pius IX
Feast13 February

Blessed Beatrix d'Ornacieux (Beatrice of Ornacieux) (c. 1240–1306/09) was a Carthusian nun. Her feast day is 13 February.

Beatrice was a Carthusian nun who founded a settlement of the order at Eymieux in the department of Drôme. She was especially devoted to the Passion of Christ and is said to have driven a nail through her left hand to help herself to realize the sufferings of the Crucifixion.[1]

Her cultus was confirmed by Pius IX in 1869. (See "Anal. jur. pont.", 1869, XI, 264.) There are modern lives by Bellanger and Chapuis and a full account in Lecoulteux, "Ann. Ord. Cath." (V, 5). Her feast is on 13 February.


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