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Pronunciation/ˈbətrɪks/ BEE-ə-triks UK English[1][2] and North American English[3]
/ˈbtrɪks/ BEE-triks North American English[1][4]
/ˈbətrɪks/ BAY-ə-triks English approximation of name in other languages[5][6][7]
Other names
Related namesBea, Beata, Beate, Beatrice, Béatrice, Beatriz, Trix, Trixie

Beatrix is a given name, most likely derived from Viatrix, a feminine form of the Late Latin name Viator which meant "voyager, traveller" and later influenced in spelling by association with the Latin word beatus or "blessed".[8] It is pronounced /ˈbətrɪks/ in British English[1][2] and the same[3] or /ˈbtrɪks/ in North American English.[9][4] Another North American English pronunciation however approximates that of most other languages: /ˈbətrɪks/ BAY-ə-triks, as shown by US dictionary entries for the former queen of the Netherlands [5][6][7] .

Common forms of this name include Beatrice in English and Italian,[10] Béatrice in French, Beatriz in Spanish and Portuguese,[11] Beate in German, and Beata in Polish and Swedish. Common short forms are Bea and Trixie. See Beatrice (given name) for other derivatives.



See Queen Beatrix (disambiguation) for a list of queen consorts



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