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Pronunciation /ˈbətrɪks/ BEE-ə-triks UK English[1][2]and North American English[3]
/ˈbtrɪks/ BEE-triks North American English[1][4]
/ˈb.ətrɪks/ BAY-ə-triks English approximation of name in other languages[5][6][7]
Gender Female
Other names
Related names Bea, Beata, Beate, Beatrice, Béatrice, Beatriz, Trix, Trixie

Beatrix is a Latin name meaning "she who makes happy". It is pronounced /ˈb.ətrɪks/ in British English[1][2] and the same[3] or /ˈb.trɪks/ in North American English.[1][4] Another North American English pronunciation however approximates that of most other languages: /ˈb.ətrɪks/ BAY-ə-triks, as shown by US dictionary entries for the former queen of the Netherlands,[5][6][7] The UK dictionaries incorrectly report US pronunciation of the foreign name by reporting only the less common use of the normal US pronunciation for Beatrix of the Netherlands and other non-English people.[8][4]

Common forms of this name include Beatrice in English and Italian,[9] Béatrice in French, Beatriz in Spanish and Portuguese,[10] Beate in German, and Beata in Polish and Swedish. Common short forms are Bea and Trixie. See Beatrice (given name) for other derivatives.



See Queen Beatrix (disambiguation) for a list of queen consorts



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