Beatrice of Bavaria

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Beatrice of Bavaria
Queen consort of Sweden
Tenure 1356–1359
Born 1344
Died 25 December 1359
Spouse Eric XII of Sweden
Father Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Margaret II, Countess of Hainault

Beatrice of Bavaria (1344 – 25 December 1359); Swedish: Beatrix ; was Queen of Sweden by marriage to King Eric XII, who co-ruled with his father, King Magnus IV.

Beatrice was the daughter of the Louis IV of Bavaria, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor, and Margaret of Holland. In 1356 she was married to Eric of Sweden, who became co-monarch after a rebellion against his father, Magnus IV. Beatrice was thus queen jointly with her mother-in-law, Blanche of Namur, for three years.

Beatrice and Eric both died in 1359. They were rumored to have been poisoned by Eric's mother, Queen Blanche. Now it is believed that her husband died of the plague, and that Beatrice, who gave birth to a stillborn son, also died of plague. Some historians believe she and her son were buried at the Black Friars' Monastery of Stockholm.


Memorial stone to burials at Black Friars' Monastery of Stockholm


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Beatrice of Bavaria
Born: 1344 Died: 25 December 1359
Preceded by
Blanche of Namur
as sole queen
Queen consort of Sweden
with Blanche of Namur
Succeeded by
Blanche of Namur
as sole queen