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Beau Borders is an American sound engineer and race driver.


Beau Borders was born and raised in New Jersey.[1] He became active in motorsport scene at early age.[2] Aged of fourteen Borders was the youngest Crew Chief in the history of IMSA.[2] He then worked in his fathers racing team.

Besides his passion for motorsport he also has a successful career as sound engineer. He entered the movie industry in mid-1990s.[3] Borders worked at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch.[2] In the following years he collaborated on movies like Titanic, The Lord of the Rings and Transformers.[2]

Borders and his fellow sound engineers Andy Koyama and David Brownlow are nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound for the 2013 film Lone Survivor.[4]

Beau Borders resides in Venice Beach, California.


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