Beau Hunks

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Beau Hunks
L&H Beau Hunks 1931.jpg
Theatrical poster for Beau Hunks (1931)
Directed byJames W. Horne
Produced byHal Roach
Written byH.M. Walker
StarringStan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Music byLeroy Shield
CinematographyArt Lloyd
Jack Stevens
Edited byRichard C. Currier
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
December 12, 1931
Running time
37' 21"
CountryUnited States

Beau Hunks is a 1931 American Pre-Code Laurel and Hardy film, directed by James W. Horne. The title is a reference to he novel Beau Geste (1924), and to the common ethnic slur of the time, "bohunk". At 37 minutes, it is the longest L&H short. The French Foreign Legion scenario was remade as The Flying Deuces with Charles B. Middleton again playing their commanding officer.


Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy join the French Foreign Legion after Ollie's sweetheart Jeanie-Weenie (only ever seen as a photograph) rejects him, as it is the only place where Ollie can forget her. When they arrive at the barracks in French Algeria, they discover that not only are the other soldiers trying to forget lost loves, their lost loves all happen to be the one and the same woman Ollie is trying to forget: Jeanie-Weenie!

On an expedition to Ft. Arid, a fortress besieged by native Riffian tribesmen, the duo get cut off from the rest of the regiment in a sandstorm and reach the fortress before the others. Surprisingly, the boys defeat the Riffians by themselves and the leader of the Riffians is revealed as another one of Jeanie-Weenie's conquests.


Hal Roach's Favorite Movie[edit]

In January 1992, seven days after Hal Roach celebrated his hundredth birthday, the centenarian appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show. On that occasion, Jay Leno was subbing for host Johnny Carson. When Leno asked Roach which of the movies he had made was his favorite, he selected Beau Hunks. Roach said it was strictly because "leading lady" Jean Harlow—who had started at Roach's studio but had moved on to become a star at RKO—appeared in Beau Hunks for nothing. Harlow "appeared" in the film only through old publicity photographs for the Roach studio.

The Dutch musical group[edit]

A Dutch musical ensemble, named The Beau Hunks Orchestra after that film, was formed in early 1992 for the purpose of performing some of the soundtrack music at an Oliver Hardy centennial celebration in Amsterdam. They went on to release a number of recordings of the film music of Leroy Shield and some other composers, notably Raymond Scott.[1]


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