Beau Jocque

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Beau Jocque
Beau Jocque at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, 1997
Background information
Born (1953-11-01)November 1, 1953
Died September 10, 1999(1999-09-10) (aged 45)
Kinder, Louisiana
Genres Creole Zydeco
Instruments Accordion

Beau Jocque (born Andrus J. Espre; November 1, 1953 – September 10, 1999) was a Louisiana French Creole zydeco musician active in the 1990s.

Beau Jocque is known for his gruff vocals, his fusion of many musical styles onto zydeco, and above all, for the powerful energy of his rhythm and sound. Backed by the Hi-Rollers, he became one of the top dance-hall acts of his musical decade. He recorded and performed many songs in both Louisiana French and Louisiana Creole languages .

Beau Jocque was found collapsed in the shower by his wife, dead of an apparent heart attack at the height of his career. He was a long time resident of Kinder, Louisiana and is buried in Saint Matildas Cemetery, Eunice, Louisiana.


Beau Jocque was born Andrus Espre. He was also known to write poetry, and preach about respecting nature. He spent nine years in the Air Force, then came home to work as an electrician and welder. After a work-related accident, which left him bedridden for a time, he began playing accordion. Soon after, he put a band together, including his wife, Shelly on rubboard. By 1989, just two years after his accident, Espree was one of the biggest draws on the Louisiana zydeco circuit.

Andrus grew up speaking Louisiana French and spoke it fluently. A large man (6'6" and 270 pounds) he took the stage name "Beau Jocque," which is Louisiana Creole for "Big Guy." After only a few years, he had revolutionized the zydeco scene, adding funk and rock elements with his band, the Hi-Rollers.

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