Beaudesert Castle

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Beaudesert Castle
Beaudesert Castle.jpg
Beaudesert Castle is located in Warwickshire
Beaudesert Castle
Location within Warwickshire
General information
Town or cityBeaudesert, Warwickshire
Coordinates52°17′34″N 1°46′16″W / 52.292733°N 1.771172°W / 52.292733; -1.771172Coordinates: 52°17′34″N 1°46′16″W / 52.292733°N 1.771172°W / 52.292733; -1.771172

Beaudesert Castle was in the village of Beaudesert to the east of Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire (grid reference SP15606613). It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.[1]

A motte and bailey castle was built following the Norman conquest possibly on the site of an ancient British fort. A stone castle was built, probably in the 13th century. A single stone and earthworks are all that now remain.[2]

The site was investigated by the archaeologists of Time Team in series 9 (2002).[3]

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