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Beaudry is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Catherine Beaudry, Canadian social scientist
  • Jean-Louis Beaudry (1809–1886), Canadian entrepreneur and politician from Quebec; thrice mayor of Montreal
  • Marcel Beaudry (1933–2012), Canadian lawyer, politician and public official from Quebec; mayor of Hull 1991-1992, former chairperson and CEO of the National Capital Commission 1992-2006
  • Prudent Beaudry (1818–1893), Canadian-American politician; mayor of Los Angeles 1874–76
  • Roland Beaudry (1906–1964), Canadian politician from Quebec; member of Parliament 1945–48
  • Roméo Beaudry (1882–1932), French-Canadian author, composer, and pianist
  • Rouville Beaudry (1904–1997), Canadian politician from Quebec; provincial legislator 1935–38\

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