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Beauf [pronounced /bof/] is a French term describing a man perceived as vulgar, unintelligent, arrogant, uncaring, misogynist and chauvinistic, without any taste for etiquette or good manners. A "beauf" will typically be prompt to jump to conclusions and have strong views on complex social issues, based on an insufficient analysis of the facts, but presented as being plain common sense.

French cartoonist Cabu was responsible for popularising the term, which is an abbreviation of "beau-frère" (brother-in-law) by creating a cartoon character of that name in Charlie Hebdo in the mid-1970s. Singer Renaud also released a song titled "Mon Beauf" in 1981. Cabu updated the character later in Le Canard Enchainé under the title "Les nouveaux beaufs". The new version is a more urban and trendy version, with a ponytail instead of a bushy moustache. Nouveaux beaufs drive four-by-fours/SUVs, and are fans of plastic surgery.