Beaujon Aircraft

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Beaujon Aircraft
Industry Aerospace
Headquarters Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States
Key people
Herbert Beaujon, CEO
Products Ultralight aircraft plans

Beaujon Aircraft, also known as Beaujon Ultralights, is an American aircraft design company, located in Ardmore, Oklahoma.[1][2]


Founded by Herbert Beaujon in the 1970s, Beaujon Aircraft has published the designs for eight ultralight aircraft and marketed seven of them in book form under the name How to Build Ultralights. The book and its plans have received praise from reviewers. Andre Cliche wrote:[1]

Beaujon's designs have been described as "beautifully simple" and have been used to construct many flying examples.[1]

Beaujon has made the plans for one of his earlier designs, the wooden winged, three axis control Enduro available for free download as 25 JPEGs.[3]


Summary of aircraft designed by Beaujon Aircraft
Model name First flight Number built Type
BJ-2 Single seat pusher configuration aircraft
Enduro 1978 Single seat pusher configuration aircraft with wood-structure wing
Flybike Single seat pusher aircraft.
Hardnose Single seat tractor configuration aircraft
Mach .07 Single seat tractor configuration aircraft with two-axis control. Name indicates maximum speed.
Minimac Single seat tractor configuration aircraft
Viewmaster Single seat pusher aircraft, resembling a powered primary glider
Windward Single seat pusher aircraft


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