Beaumont Herald Extraordinary

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Beaumont Herald Extraordinary
Badge of the Beaumont Herald Extraordinary.svg
The heraldic badge of Beaumont Herald of Arms Extraordinary
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing body College of Arms

Beaumont Herald of Arms Extraordinary is an officer of arms extraordinary in England. Beaumont is a royal herald, but is not a member of the College of Arms. The office was created in 1982 and named after the barony of Beaumont, one of the subsidiary titles of the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk. The badge of office combines the cross potent of the Kings of Jerusalem from whom the Beaumonts are descended, with the lion and fleur-de-lis charges from the family coat of arms. It is blazoned In front of a Cross Potent a Lion rampant within eight Fleurs-de-lis in orle Or.

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