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Beaumont School
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Oakwood Drive

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Coordinates51°45′19″N 0°17′56″W / 51.7553°N 0.2990°W / 51.7553; -0.2990Coordinates: 51°45′19″N 0°17′56″W / 51.7553°N 0.2990°W / 51.7553; -0.2990
MottoEnjoy and Excel
Department for Education URN138286 Tables
HeadteacherMr Martin Atkinson
Age11 to 19
Enrolment1180 (280 in 6th form)
Colour(s)Black, Maroon and Gold             
PublicationBeaumont Life (monthly)

Beaumont School is a coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. It was founded in 1938 and has become a school of over 1200 students, including 300 in the sixth form. It is situated to the east of St Albans in Hertfordshire and is within access of the city centre.

In 2003 it achieved a Language College status and in 2007, having been identified as a High Performing Specialist School, Beaumont was then able to obtain a second specialism as a Maths and Computing College. In 2007 Beaumont achieved the International Award from the British Council and offered the International Baccalaureate as an alternative to A-levels; as of 2011 the IB is no longer offered at Beaumont school. A December 2008 Ofsted inspection accorded the school a Grade 2 (good), whilst the sixth form achieved an outstanding rating.[1] The school converted to academy status on 1 July 2012. In 2014 Ofstead awarded Beaumont an Outstanding rating following a full inspection.[2]


The school was founded in 1938, at around the same time as much of the neighbouring residential area was built. The school takes its name from Beaumonts Manor (later Beaumonts Farm), a manor house whose land once encompassed much of the surrounding area.[3]

Forms and Houses[edit]

Beaumont School has six houses with a form for every year in each year using the letters of the word 'L E A R N S'. In September 2009, the school introduced a house system. Students were able to vote for the names of the Houses resulting in the following: Luther King, Elgar, Austen, Redgrave, Newton and Seacole. Interform competitions between year group forms are encouraged and take place regularly; testing a variety of skills including sports competitions, science challenges and drama performances. This allows all pupils to demonstrate their different abilities. As of September 2018, there will be an extra house, which has been assigned the letter B, representing "B"utler.[4]

School district[edit]

The school works in partnership with two neighbouring schools via a consortium, to enhance post-16 educational provision. This partnership is known as "BeauSandVer" and consists of Sandringham School, Verulam School and Beaumont School. Students travel between schools using the consortium bus service.


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