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The Beausoleil First Nation is mainly a Chippewa First Nations band government located in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. There are still people on Christian Island today who claim Odawa parentage. Odawa identity is often submerged in that of the more numerous Ojibwa. In modern accounts they are often ignored as a separate people. On Christian Island itself the band's billboard states that it is a reserve of Ojibwa and Potawatomi people. Only on the Manitoulin Island Reserve of Wikwemikong do Odawa numbers warrant recognition by officials of their separate status. Their small numbers on mixed reserves in the province has made the Odawa something of a forgotten or at least disregarded people in Ontario today. Though small in numbers, they remain among the population of native peoples in Simcoe County and the District of Muskoka.[1]

Reserve lands[edit]

The Beausoleil First Nations occupies three Indian reserves. Their main Indian Reserve is the Christian Island 30 Indian Reserve, consisting of Christian Island, a large island in Georgian Bay close to the communities of Penetanguishene and Midland, Ontario, along with two other smaller islands. Together with the 7.5 hectares (18.5 acres) Christian Island 30A Indian Reserve located at Cedar Point, Ontario and the shared 3.1 hectares (7.7 acres) Chippewa Island Indian Reserve located in Twelve Mile Sound, 27.5 kilometres (17.1 mi) north of Christian Island, they form the land base for the Beausoleil First Nation. In September 2008, the Beausoleil First Nation had registered a population of 1,798 people, of which 579 people lived on these Reserves.


The First Nation elect their leadership through the Act Electoral System for a two-year term. The First Nation's council consists of a chief and six (6) councillors. The current chief is Mary McCue-King. The First Nation is a member of Ogemawahj Tribal Council, a regional Chiefs' council.


  • Administration
    • Communications
    • Information Technology
    • Human Resources
    • Purchasing
  • Education
  • Public Works
    • Waste Management
    • Roads Maintenance
    • Chimnissing N'biish Gamig
  • Housing
  • Social Services
    • Child and Family services
    • Christian Island Latchkey Program
    • Christian Island Youth Services
    • Guiding Lights Seniors Centre
  • Lands Management
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Health Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Christian Island United Church (The United Church of Canada)


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