Beautiful Chaos (Russell novel)

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Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Chaos.jpg
Author Gary Russell
Series Doctor Who book:
New Series Adventures
Release number
Subject Featuring:
Tenth Doctor
Donna Noble
Wilfred Mott
Sylvia Noble
Set in Period between
"Partners in Crime" and "Turn Left"
Publisher BBC Books
Publication date
December 26, 2008
ISBN 1-84607-563-7
Preceded by The Story of Martha
Followed by The Eyeless

Beautiful Chaos is a BBC Books original novel written by Gary Russell and based on the long running science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. It was published on December 26, 2008, alongside The Eyeless and The Story of Martha.


Donna Noble is back home in London, catching up with her family and generally giving them all the gossip about her journeys. Her grandfather is especially overjoyed — he's discovered a new star and had it named after him. He takes the Tenth Doctor, as his special guest, to the naming ceremony.

But the Doctor is suspicious about some of the other changes he can see in Earth's heavens. Particularly that bright star, right there. No, not that one, that one, there, on the left...

The world's population is slowly being converted to a new path, a new way of thinking. Something is coming to Earth, an ancient force from the Dark Times. Something powerful, angry, and all-consuming...


Critical reaction[edit]

The novel was previewed and later reviewed in Doctor Who Magazine and was well received by critics,[1] leading to one review to call for Russell to be allowed to script an episode of the TV series.[2] The novel was chosen to represent the Tenth Doctor in the special Anniversary reprint set from the BBC in 2013.[3]

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An abridged audiobook was released on April 9, 2009, read by Bernard Cribbins who played Wilfred Mott in the TV series.

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