Beautiful Game Studios

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Beautiful Game Studios
IndustryVideo game industry
Founded2003; 16 years ago (2003)
Key people
Roy Meredith (general manager)
ProductsChampionship Manager series
ParentSquare Enix Europe Edit this on Wikidata

Beautiful Game Studios is a British video game developer based within the Wimbledon district of London, England.


Beautiful Game Studios was founded in 2003,[1] and announced in January 2004 as an internal development team of Eidos Interactive (later renamed Square Enix Europe) that would focus on the development of Championship Manager, after the original developer of the series, Sports Interactive, departed from Eidos Interactive in 2003.[2]

In November 2009, after Eidos Interactive was acquired by Square Enix and renamed Square Enix Europe, the company announced that Beautiful Game Studios would undergo restructuring "to build a successful commercial future for the Championship Manager brand".[3] Within that restructuring, around 80% of jobs were cut or relocated to Eidos Shanghai in a cost-cutting exercise, while Roy Meredith was kept as general manager.[4]

In September 2010, Beautiful Game Studios announced that they had entered into a strategic partnership with Chinese publisher Shanda Games, which granted them distribution of upcoming Championship Manager games in China.[5] The partnership grew largely from the then-enlarged Eidos Shanghai studio's previous work with Shanda Games, as well as long-term communications between Beautiful Game Studios, Eidos Shanghai and Shanda Games.[6] The resulting project, Championship Manager: World of Football, was announced in July 2011.[7] The game was set to be a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game.[8]


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