Beautiful World (TV series)

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Beautiful World
Hangul아름다운 세상
Written byKim Ji-woo
Directed byPark Chan-hong
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
Executive producer(s)Lee Jung-hee
Production company(s)MI Inc.[2]
Original networkJTBC
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseApril 2019 (2019-04)

Beautiful World (Hangul아름다운 세상; RRAreumdaun Sesang) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Park Hee-soon, Choo Ja-hyun, Oh Man-seok, Cho Yeo-jeong, Nam Da-reum and Kim Hwan-hee. It is scheduled to premiere in April 2019 on JTBC.


It follows the story of a boy who becomes critically injured due to an incident of school violence and his family who seeks the truth and fights for justice in his name.



A high school physics teacher.[3]
Moo-jin's wife who runs a bakery named after their children.[3]
The chairman of a private school foundation.[3]
Jin-pyo's wife who is from a wealthy family.[3]
Moo-jin and In-ha's son who is a third year middle school student when he becomes a victim of school violence.[4]
Sun-ho's younger sister who attends the same school.[4]


  • Hwang Tae-kwang as Lee Sang-woo
A rich man who inherited a fortune from his parents.[5]
A boy who lives without hope for the future in an unfortunate environment.[6]
  • Seo Dong-hyun as Oh Joon-seok
Jin-pyo and Eun-joo's son.[7]


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