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The Beauty of Labour (Schönheit der Arbeit) was a propaganda organisation of the Nazi government from the period 1934 to its eventual disbandment in 1945. Initially a propaganda machine, the SdA worked bilaterally with its counterpart organisation Strength Through Joy (KdF) to achieve an overall appeasement of the general population. The Beauty of Labour was one of the many areas that made up the Nazi labour union, the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or "German Labour Front").

Campaigns such as the Fight against Noise and Good ventilation in the workplace gave the Hitler-led government the ability to stimulate productivity within the workplace whilst simultaneously installing a sense of community and greater cordiality between the totalitarian dictatorship and the German population.[1]

The concept was initially a response to the appeasement needs of Adolf Hitler, after successive restrictions on personal freedoms within the Third Reich, including the formation of the DAF.


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