Beaver Creek (Colorado)

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Beaver Creek[1]
Basin features
Main source 39°21′08″N 103°51′42″W / 39.35222°N 103.86167°W / 39.35222; -103.86167
River mouth Confluence with South Platte
4,150 ft (1,260 m)
40°20′38″N 103°32′46″W / 40.34389°N 103.54611°W / 40.34389; -103.54611Coordinates: 40°20′38″N 103°32′46″W / 40.34389°N 103.54611°W / 40.34389; -103.54611
Progression South PlattePlatte
Basin size 1,135 sq mi (2,940 km2)

Beaver Creek is a 165-mile-long (266 km)[2] tributary of the South Platte River in Colorado. The creek flows from a source in Elbert County to a confluence with the South Platte in Morgan County near Hillrose.

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The confluence of Beaver Creek and the South Platte River is where the imaginary town, Centennial, in James Michener's novel of the same name, was located.