Beaverfoot Range

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Beaverfoot Range
Highest point
Peak Kapristo Mountain
Elevation 2,722 m (8,930 ft)
Coordinates 51°12′42.1″N 116°44′53.9″W / 51.211694°N 116.748306°W / 51.211694; -116.748306
Area 498 km2 (192 sq mi)
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Parent range Canadian Rockies

The Beaverfoot Range (51°08′N 116°38′W / 51.133°N 116.633°W / 51.133; -116.633) is a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies, located in southeastern British Columbia. The range extends from Cedared Creek near Spillimacheen north to the Kicking Horse River.

This range includes the following mountains and peaks:

Mountain/Peak metres feet
Kapristo Mountain 2,722 8,930
Castle Mountain 2,545 8,350
Coral Mountain 2,460 8,071
Tower Peak 2,460 8,071