Beaverhead crater

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Beaverhead crater
Beaverhead crater is located in Idaho
Beaverhead crater
Beaverhead crater
Location of Beaverhead crater in Idaho
Impact crater/structure
Confidenceconfirmed [1]
Diameter60 kilometres (37 mi)
Age600 million years
Coordinates44°36′N 113°0′W / 44.600°N 113.000°W / 44.600; -113.000Coordinates: 44°36′N 113°0′W / 44.600°N 113.000°W / 44.600; -113.000
CountryUnited States
StateIdaho, Montana

The Beaverhead crater is an impact structure spanning the U.S. states of Idaho and Montana. Estimated at 60 kilometers (37 mi) in diameter, it is one of the largest impact craters on Earth.

With an estimated age of 600 million years (Neoproterozoic), the impact's original shatter cones along the crater's perimeter provide some of the structure's only remaining visible evidence.

It is named for the Beaverhead region of southwestern Montana in which it was first discovered.

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