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The Beazley Medal is an award made by the Curriculum Council of Western Australia to the year-twelve secondary student with the highest Curriculum Council award score. The award is the highest profile and most prestigious academic award for secondary students in Western Australia.

The first medal was awarded in 1984. From 2001 onwards, two medals have been awarded each year - one to the top Tertiary Entrance Examinations (TEE) student and one to the top vocational education and training (VET) student.[1]

The award is named after former Federal Education Minister Kim Edward Beazley.

Past winners of the Beazley Medal: TEE/WACE[edit]

Past winners of the Beazley Medal: VET[edit]

  • 2000: Darren Chapman (VET), WA College of Agriculture, Narrogin
  • 2001: Bianca Batten (VET)
  • 2002: Natasha Lea Pierce (VET) Clarkson Community High School
  • 2003: Joel David Treeby (VET), WA College of Agriculture, Denmark
  • 2004: Lachlan Patterson (VET), WA College of Agriculture, Narrogin
  • 2005: Linda Greenwood Tully (VET), Methodist Ladies' College
  • 2006: Michael Gibbings (VET), WA School of Agriculture, Harvey[3]
  • 2007: Michelle Kite (VET), Corpus Christi College
  • 2008: Emma Hudson (VET), St Mary's Anglican Girls' School[5]
  • 2009: Andrew Reynolds (VET), WA College of Agriculture, Cunderdin YXL (Political & Legal Studies) [6]
  • 2010: Jaclyn Allison East (VET), WA College of Agriculture, Narrogin
  • 2011: Nicole Ann Kerr (VET), Woodvale Secondary College
  • 2012: Madisen Anne Scott (VET), Woodvale Secondary College
  • 2013: Emma Louise Hay (VET), Georgiana Molloy Anglican School
  • 2014: Robert Rubery (VET), Applecross Senior High School


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