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Bebe Zeva (born May 7, 1993) is the pseudonym of Rebeccah Hershkovitz, a Jewish-American fashion blogger,[1] model, and writer[2][3] based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a child, her family moved around and lived in Miami Beach and Boston before settling in Las Vegas.

Her rise to prominence came about when she modeled for the brand I Am Carles associated with the now defunct Hipster Runoff blog. She would later go on to be featured in The New York Times,[4] Seventeen Magazine,[5] and Teen Vogue respectively.[6] Zeva previously contributed to the online journal Thought Catalog as well as StyleCaster[7] and Technorazzi.[8]

A feature-length mumblecore documentary about Zeva was released by MDMAfilms and premiered at Soho House on March 20, 2011.[9] In the documentary, she was portrayed as a "17-year-old home-schooled fashion blogger" who "binge eats, shoplifts, and provides insight about life, death, God, and the internet."[9]

She runs a style blog called Fated To Be Hated and currently works as a DJ.[10]


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