Bebresh Viaduct

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Bebresh Viaduct
(виадукт „Бебреш“)
Carries Hemus motorway
Crosses a valley in Vitinya Pass
Locale Vitinya Pass, Stara Planina, 60 km east of Sofia, Bulgaria
Design girder bridge, viaduct
Total length 720 m
Longest span 60 m
Clearance below 120 m
Opened 1985

Bebresh Viaduct (виадукт „Бебреш“) is a girder bridge part of the Bulgarian Hemus (or A2) motorway, located in Vitinya Pass in Stara Planina 60 km east of Sofia, at 650 m above sea level. It was opened in 1985 and was designed by the team of D. Dragoev, P. Minchev and Y. Todorov of Moststroy AD.

The viaduct is 720 m long and has 12 spans 60 m each. Rising 120 m above the ground, it is also regarded as the highest bridge in the Balkans and Bulgaria, with the precast post-tensioned girders being produced at the place and special equipment being used for the assembly. The Bebresh Viaduct is a favoured place for bungee jumping due to its height.[citation needed]