Bec de la Montau

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Bec de la Montau
Bec de la Montau is located in Switzerland
Bec de la Montau
Bec de la Montau
Location in Switzerland
Highest point
Elevation2,922 m (9,587 ft)
Prominence95 m (312 ft) [1]
Coordinates46°07′44″N 7°20′51″E / 46.12889°N 7.34750°E / 46.12889; 7.34750Coordinates: 46°07′44″N 7°20′51″E / 46.12889°N 7.34750°E / 46.12889; 7.34750
LocationValais, Switzerland
Parent rangePennine Alps

The Bec de la Montau is a mountain of the Pennine Alps, located south of Nendaz in the Swiss canton of Valais. It lies on the range that separates the Val de Nendaz from the Val d'Hérémence, which culminates at Le Métailler.


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