Because I'm Awesome

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Because I'm Awesome
Because I'm Awesome.jpeg
Studio album by The Dollyrots
Released March 13, 2007
Recorded The Dog House (Woodland Hills, CA), Encore B (Burbank, CA), Big Brown Sound (Woodland Hills, CA), Seedy Underbelly (Valley Village, CA)
Genre Punk rock
Length 40:41
Label Blackheart Records
Producer John Fields, Jacques Wait
The Dollyrots chronology
Eat My Heart Out
Because I'm Awesome
A Little Messed Up

Because I'm Awesome is the second studio album by the American punk band The Dollyrots. It was released on March 13, 2007 on Blackheart Records.

Tracks featured in TV shows include "Because I'm Awesome", featured on Ugly Betty and "Watch Me Go "(Kissed Me, Killed Me)", featured on The Simple Life. The song "Because I'm Awesome" was also featured in a back-to-school commercial for Kohl's department store as well as the 2008 film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. The band performed "Because I'm Awesome" on an episode of Greek as well.


Rick Anderson on Allmusic rated the album four stars out of five.[1] Anderson described the album as "the same tight, gleefully snotty bubblegum punk as what you heard on Eat My Heart Out, except maybe just a bit bigger and just a bit sonically fuller this time around -- par for the course when a band like this starts to mature and gets the budget of an established label behind it."[1] Lana Cooper on website PopMatters awarded the album eight out of ten,[2] describing the band's sound as "the same as it ever was, with clever, catchy lyrics running around a track of straightforward, chugging pop-punk".[2] In a positive review, Bill James on website Monsters and Critics said that "the album as a whole is more than can be described in any one track"[3] and that it contained "fun, rollicking songs, often laced with a political barb and punk attitude to create a unique sound".[3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by The Dollyrots except where noted. 

No. Title Length
1. "Because I'm Awesome"   3:20
2. "My Best Friend's Hot"   3:09
3. "Out of L.A."   3:13
4. "Brand New Key" (Melanie Safka) 2:52
5. "Hysteria"   3:00
6. "A Desperate S.O.S."   2:55
7. "Watch Me Go (Kissed Me, Killed Me)"   3:10
8. "This Crush"   3:36
9. "Cat Calling"   3:09
10. "17"   2:36
11. "Nobody Wants U"   3:51
12. "Turn You Down"   3:08
13. "Tummy Tum Tum"   2:42


The following people worked on the album:[6]


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