Because This Is My First Life

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Because This Is My First Life
Because This is My First Life.jpg
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Hangul이번 생은 처음이라
GenreRomantic comedy[1]
Created byStudio Dragon
Written byYoon Nan-joong
Directed byPark Joon-hwa
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes16
Executive producer(s)Lee Jung-hee
Running time60–80 minutes
Production company(s)MI Inc.
Original networktvN
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseOctober 9 (2017-10-09) –
November 28, 2017 (2017-11-28)
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Because This Is My First Life[2] (Korean이번 생은 처음이라; RRIbeon Saengeun Cheoeumira; lit. This Life Is Our First) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min about different points of view on careers, relationships and marriage. The series marks Lee Min-ki's first small screen lead role since 2007. It aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday from October 9 to November 28, 2017 at 21:30 KST.[3][4][5][6]


House-poor Nam Se-hee (Lee Min-ki) and homeless Yoon Ji-ho (Jung So-min), both unmarried in their thirties, start living together as housemates.[7]



A quirky computer designer who has bought an apartment and is in the process of paying off the mortgage. He would rather spend his days with his cat than marrying. However, he is in need of a housemate, as he plans to pay off his mortgage faster.
An assistant screenwriter who desperately looks for a home to move out. She is under constant pressure trying to appease her family and friends while continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a successful writer.


  • Esom as Woo Su-ji (30 years old)
A school friend of Ji-ho who works in a corporate office
A long-time friend of Se-hee and his boss at work
A school friend of Ji-ho who works at a restaurant/bar and dreams of becoming a housewife once married
A long-time boyfriend of Ho-rang

People around Nam Se-hee[edit]

  • Kim Eung-soo as Nam Hee-bong (63 years old), Se-hee's father and a former high school principal
  • Moon Hee-kyung as Jo Myung-ji (56 years old), Se-hee's mother and a full-time housewife

People around Yoon Ji-ho[edit]

  • Kim Byeong-ok as Yoon Jong-soo (60 years old), Ji-ho's father and a car center operator
  • Kim Sun-young as Kim Hyun-ja (58 years old), Ji-ho's mother and a full-time housewife
  • Noh Jong-hyun as Yoon Ji-suk (26 years old), Ji-ho's brother
  • Jeon Hye-won as Lee Eun-sol (22 years old), Ji-suk's wife


Special appearance[edit]


The series is directed by Park Joon-hwa and written by Yoon Nan-joong. It is produced by MI Inc.. The first script reading session of the cast took place on August 25, 2017 at Studio Dragon in Sangam-dong.[1][8]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Because This Is My First Life
Original soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various Artists
LabelCJ E&M Music

Part 1[edit]

1."Star Figure" (별 그림)Moon Sung-namMoon Sung-namU-ji3:05
2."Star Figure" (Inst.) Moon Sung-nam 3:05
Total length:6:10

Part 2[edit]

1."Everyday"32nd DecemberTaebongie, Lee Sang-wookHaebin (Gugudan)3:48
2."Everyday" (Inst.) Taebongie, Lee Sang-wook 3:48
Total length:7:36

Part 3[edit]

1."I Want To Love" (사랑하고 싶게 돼)Kim Min-seokMeloManceMeloMance3:15
2."I Want To Love" (Inst.) MeloMance 3:15
Total length:6:30

Part 4[edit]

1."Marriage" (결혼)MoonMoonMoonMoonMoonMoon3:24
2."Marriage" (Inst.) MoonMoon 3:24
Total length:6:48

Part 5[edit]

1."This Life"Moon Sung-namMoon Sung-namMoon Sung-nam3:42
2."This Life" (Inst.) Moon Sung-nam 3:42
Total length:7:24

Part 6[edit]

1."Shelter (ft. Lee Yo-han)"Moon Sung-namMoon Sung-namHeejin (Good Day)3:47
2."Shelter" (Inst.) Moon Sung-nam 3:47
Total length:7:34

Part 7[edit]

1."Tomorrow"Moon Sung-namMoon Sung-namRyu Ji-hyun3:55
2."Tomorrow" (Inst.) Moon Sung-nam 3:55
Total length:7:50

Part 8[edit]

1."Can't Go" (갈 수가 없어)Mackelli, MYJMackelliBen3:32
2."Can't Go" (Inst.) Mackelli 3:32
Total length:7:04

Commercial performance[edit]

Title Year Peak Sales Remarks
"I Want to Love" (사랑하고 싶게 돼) 2017 Part 3
"Marriage" (결혼) 51 Part 4
"Can't Go" (갈 수가 없어) 23 Part 8
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Broadcast date Title Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[12] TNmS[13]
Nationwide Seoul
1 October 9, 2017 Because This Is My First Time Being Thirty
(서른은 처음이라)
2.023% 2.491% 2.3%
2 October 10, 2017 Because This Is My First Kiss
(키스는 제가 처음이라)
2.647% 3.738% 2.5%
3 October 16, 2017 Because This Is My First Proposal
(프로포즈는 제가 처음이라)
2.292% 2.825% 3.0%
4 October 17, 2017 Because This Is My First Marriage
(결혼은 제가 처음이라)
3.841% 4.702% 3.6%
5 October 23, 2017 Because This Is My First Promise
(약속은 처음이라)
2.725% 3.263% 2.9%
6 October 24, 2017 Because This Is "Our" First Time
('우리'는 처음이라)
3.636% 3.889% 4.5%
7 October 30, 2017 Because This Is My First YOLO
(욜로는 처음이라)
3.266% 4.179% 3.2%
8 October 31, 2017 Because This Is My First Husband
(남편은 처음이라)
3.779% 4.242% 4.0%
9 November 6, 2017 Because This Is the First Time I Belong Somewhere
(소속감은 처음이라)
3.652% 5.030% 3.3%
10 November 7, 2017 Because This Is My First Time Having In-laws
(시월드는 처음이라)
4.197% 5.177% 5.0%
11 November 13, 2017 Because This Is My First Beach
(오늘의 바다는 처음이라)
3.528% 4.082% 3.8%
12 November 14, 2017 Because This Is My First Desire
(욕망은 처음이라)
3.940% 4.814% 5.0%
13 November 20, 2017 Because This Is My First Time Visiting Your Room
(당신의 방은 처음이라)
3.545% 4.411% 4.1%
14 November 21, 2017 Because This Is My First Confession
(고백은 처음이라)
4.236% 5.273% 4.7%
15 November 27, 2017 Because This Is My First Intermission
(인터미션은 처음이라)
3.786% 4.982% 4.2%
16 November 28, 2017 Because This Is My First Life
(이번 생은 처음이라)
4.931% 5.862% 5.0%
Average 3.463% 4.271% 3.8%
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC & EBS).

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards OST Award "Can't Go" Nominated [14]

International broadcast[edit]


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