Because the Night (novel)

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Because the Night
Avon Ellroy BecausetheNight.jpg
Author James Ellroy
Country United States
Language English
Series Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy
Genre Novel, crime fiction
Publisher The Mysterious Press
Publication date
October 1986
Media type Print (hardback & paperback), audio cassette and audio CD
Pages 280 pp (first edition, hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-89296-071-2 (first edition, hardcover)
OCLC 11696202
813/.54 20
LC Class PS3555.L6274 B4 1984
Preceded by Blood on the Moon (1984)
Followed by Suicide Hill (1985)

Because the Night is a crime fiction novel written by James Ellroy.

Released in 1984, it is the second installment of a trilogy that is either titled "Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy" after its main character, or "L.A Noir", after the hardcover omnibus that was released in 2006 containing all three books in the trilogy.

Like Blood on the Moon (first book) and Suicide Hill (third and final book), it follows Lloyd Hopkins an LAPD robbery-homicide detective in the 1980s.

Plot summary[edit]

Because the Night features Hopkins investigating a triple murder at a liquor store. Nothing was stolen, leading Hopkins to suspect that the crime was a thrill killing. His investigation crosses paths with psychiatrist John Havilland, who uses drugs and professional expertise to manipulate a small group of followers into crime and debauchery.