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Beck guitars is a guitar manufacturer located in Southern Germany.


The company is best known for its „Anima“ model and instrument design which focuses primarily on sound characteristics. All current Beck guitars are based on one patented design, which has been dubbed „semi-solid body guitar“ by the manufacturer. It combines construction features of acoustic and electrified instruments while retaining the look of a conventional electric guitar, thereby achieving a characteristic rich and punchy tone. Beck guitars also designs and produces magnetic humbucker pickups.


Michael Matthias Beck started in 1987, building studio speakers and developing electric guitar prototypes. He got his first electric guitar patent in 1994 for an invention whose development received funding from Fraunhofer Society (the second instrument to be funded since 1949).[citation needed] In 1996, Beck installed stone frets on guitar prototypes, but the expensive manufacturing process prevented mass production. Beck is also a sound technician for Jazz and classical concerts.

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