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Becker is one of the German-language surnames, along with Bäcker and Baecker, that derive from the [baːk]~[bɛk] root, which refers to baking. The surname began as a name for a baker (and thus his family). Notable people with the surname include:

de Becker[edit]

  • Alphonse de Becker, (1826-1895), Belgian lawyer, Member of parliament for the Leuven constituency
  • Théophile de Becker, (1829-1908), MD, mayor of Aarschot (Belgium)
  • Émile de Becker, (1830-1879), lawyer and Belgian politician
  • Jules de Becker (1857-1936), theology professor at the Louvain University (1889-1928), rector of the American college
  • Auguste baron de Becker-Remy, (1862-1930), member of Belgian parliament, President of the Board at the Usines Remy