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Becker Group was an Australian independent film and television distribution business. It was established in 1965, and sold to Prime Television in 2007.[1]


Becker Group was established in 1965 by Russell Becker.[2]

In 2002 it took over Dendy Films and became known as Dendy/Becker, however both continued to operate separately.[1] It also owned the OnSite Broadcasting and Moonlight Cinemas,[1][2] and had offices in New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and London.[2]

In April 2006 Richard Becker, the managing director and son of Russell, announced he was stepping down and the chief operating officer and finance director Tim Keens would become the managing director on 1 July 2007.[1] In June 2007 the group was sold to Prime Television.[3][4]

In 2008 Richard Becker started a new company Becker Film Group.[5][6]


Becker Group has been involved in the production or distribution of the following titles:[7]


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