Beckler Peak

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Beckler Peak
West peak viewed from summit
Highest point
Elevation5,026 ft (1,532 m)[1]
Coordinates47°44′11″N 121°17′21″W / 47.736497°N 121.2892687°W / 47.736497; -121.2892687Coordinates: 47°44′11″N 121°17′21″W / 47.736497°N 121.2892687°W / 47.736497; -121.2892687[1]
Beckler Peak is located in Washington (state)
Beckler Peak
Beckler Peak
Parent rangeCascade Range
Topo mapUSGS Skykomish
Easiest routeBeckler Peak Trail

Beckler Peak is a mountain in the U.S state of Washington located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest near Skykomish.[2]


The Northern slope is a sheer cliff.[3]


The Beckler Peak Trail rises from the Jennifer Dunn trailhead to the summit, a rise of 2,263 ft (690 m). From the trailhead to the peak itself is a hike of approximately eight miles roundtrip. The summit affords a 360 degree view of the area, which includes Glacier Peak to the North.[3]

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