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New DLR trains parked near the southwest corner of the Beckton DLR depot

Beckton Traincare Depot is the primary railway maintenance depot for the Docklands Light Railway.

Before its construction, Poplar DLR depot was the primary maintenance depot. But construction of the DLR Beckton extension required more maintenance facilities, and Beckton provided more space in which to both construct larger facilities and provided easier road access for rolling stock delivery.

Built on the site of the former Beckton Gas Works, there are servicing and stabling facilities. Originally built for 45 trains, between 2005–2006 the depot received extensions and upgrades including more sidings and improved signalling.[1]

Located between Beckton and Gallions Reach stations, it is actually closer to the latter. DLR rail access is from spurs from the running lines from the Beckton branch (in both directions), and road access to the site is off Armada Way.[2]

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