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Becky Hogge
Becky Hogge.jpg
Becky Hogge (March 2006)
Born 1979
London, England
Occupation Writer on technology, politics and music; previously executive director of the Open Rights Group
Website Barefoot into Cyberspace

Becky Hogge (born 1979 in London) is a UK-based music and technology writer and the first full-time executive director[1] of the Open Rights Group, resigning in 2008. She was previously the managing editor, and then the technology director and technology commissioning editor for[2] During her time with openDemocracy she helped establish the China environment website, along with editor Isabel Hilton. She is a former board member of the Open Knowledge Foundation.[3] and a member of its advisory board.

Becky Hogge talks about digital rights and the Open Rights Group

As a writer and commentator, she covers the global politics of technology, open source, and intellectual property rights. She writes a weekly technology column for the New Statesman[4] and openDemocracy[2] and has also written for The Guardian,[5] and Prospect,[6] In 2011 she published a book about the hacker culture entitled Barefoot into Cyberspace: Adventures in search of techno-Utopia.


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