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Becky Johnston (born in South Haven, Michigan) is an American screenwriter. She attended the South Haven Public schools but graduated from the Interlochen Fine Arts High School in 1973.[citation needed]


She wrote the screenplays for Under the Cherry Moon, The Prince of Tides (with Pat Conroy),[1] Seven Years in Tibet,[2] Arthur Newman, and as yet unfilmed sequel to Salt.[3] She lived in the Los Altos Apartments in Los Angeles while working on Under the Cherry Moon and The Prince of Tides.[4]

She also appeared in the Jean-Michel Basquiat documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (2010), directed by Tamra Davis.[5]

Awards and nominations[edit]

The Prince of Tides was nominated for an Academy Award and WGA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Under the Cherry Moon received a Razzie nomination for Worst Screenplay.


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