Becoming Insane

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"Becoming Insane"
Single by Infected Mushroom
from the album Vicious Delicious
Released 2007
Recorded Unknown
Genre Psytrance
Length 7:20
Label BNE
Producer(s) Amit Duvdevani/Erez Aizen
Infected Mushroom singles chronology
Becoming Insane
Smashing the Opponent

Becoming Insane EP is a promo album by Infected Mushroom for Vicious Delicious, and it was released in January 2007. It is also the name of a song in the latter album. Although mostly sung in English, a few sentences are in Spanish and sung by Gil Cerezo, the lead singer of the Mexican band, Kinky.

The Video[edit]

Interspersed with footage of the band, a man and a woman apparently have a competition in self-harm, first repeatedly punching themselves in the face, then running into a brick wall. Watch this video

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Becoming Insane" (Radio mix)
  2. "Becoming Insane" (Album mix)
  3. "Deeply Disturbed" (Infected Remix)
  4. "Merlin" (Infected Remix)

In other media[edit]