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Bedřich Fritta (Portrait by Peter Kien, Theresienstadt)

Bedřich Fritta (19 September 1906, Višňová – 8 November 1944, Auschwitz) was a Czech-Jewish artist and cartoonist.[1] Before the war, Fritta worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in Prague under the pseudonym Fritz Taussig. In the 1930s, he devoted himself to political caricature and provided input for the satirical magazine Simplicus.[2]

Fritta was imprisoned in multiple Nazi concentration camps during World War II; some of his sketches of life in the camps survive. He was eventually deported to Auschwitz, where he died. His wife, Johanna, died of typhus in Auchwitz. Their son, Tomáš ("Tommy"), survived the Holocaust. Fritta made a picture book for his son's third birthday, which was recovered after the liberation of the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Some of Fritta's surviving works are held by the Jewish Museum Berlin.[3][4]


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