Bed, Bed, Bed

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Bed, Bed, Bed
EP by They Might Be Giants
Released 2003
Genre Children's music
Label Simon & Schuster
They Might Be Giants chronology
Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants
(2002)Dial-A-Song: 20 Years of They Might Be Giants2002
Bed, Bed, Bed
Indestructible Object
(2004)Indestructible Object2004

Bed, Bed, Bed is a book and EP package for children released by the musical group They Might Be Giants in 2003 (see 2003 in music) through Simon & Schuster. The book is composed of the lyrics of the four songs on the album, with illustrations by Marcel Dzama. The song "Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed" is an alternate version of the song "Bed, Bed, Bed" from the album No!

Track/chapter listing[edit]

  1. "Impossible" - 3:15
  2. "Happy Doesn’t Have to Have an Ending" - 2:10
  3. "Idlewild" - 1:35
  4. "Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed" (featuring Kimya Dawson) - 3:05

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